Luis Miguel announces Tour 2024, these are the dates and cities where it will be presented

The “Sol de México” expanded the number of concerts it will offer, after the success in ticket sales

a few days from that Luis Miguel started its tour, the “Sol de México” has just announced that its 2023 tour will be extended and, in addition to the 64 dates that are already scheduled, it will add 50 more concerts, which will take place at the beginning of next year because, After offering his first recitals in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the expectation of seeing him perform live has inflamed all his fans because, who have already witnessed his performance, assure that he sings so well live that it seems that he is lip-synching. .

It was last Thursday when Luismi’s Argentine fans witnessed his return to the stage, since Buenos Aires was the city that the singer chose to start the “Luis Miguel Tour 2023”, which breaks four years without the “Sol” will be presented live, so his followers have carried out a series of activities around the visit of the interpreter of “Ahora te puedes marchar” in his region because the members of “I have everything except you” stood up outside the Faena hotel, where he is currently staying, to serenade him.

Due to the great reception that his fans have shown, last week, Luismi’s manager, Marcelo Quijoli, told the media that it was a fact that the singer would expand the number of concerts he would offer, news that would be announced in the successive days, as already happened, because just over an hour ago, the “Sol” social networks shared an image announcing 50 new dates of what is already called the “Luis Miguel Tour 2024”.

Luis Miguel tour continues in 2024

It was in April 2023 when Luismi broke with the uncertainty in which he had thousands of fans who were eagerly waiting for him to announce the dates he would offer, after he will perform for the last time between 2018 and 2019 through the “Mexico” tour. forever”; Later, between May and June of this year, he announced that he would extend the dates of his tour, due to the success of the pre-sale and ticket sales that he, like few other artists, marketed from his official website. .

Now, the “Sol de México” has just made the update that Quijoli spoke of a few days ago, in which the singer of “La media vuelta” makes official the extension of his 2023 tour, which will continue in 2024, a few days away. let the year begin. Luismi will take a break, after offering 64 concerts that will come to an end on December 18, and shortly after a month, on January 20 he will return to the stage to perform in the Dominican Republic, the region he chose to resume his tour.

And although Luismi will offer two more dates in Argentina, in addition to the 10 that he will offer during August, he did not announce any new concert for our country.

In which LATAM cities will it be presented?

January 20: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

January 23: San Juan, Puerto Rico

January 27: Guatemala City, Guatemala

January 30: San Salvador, El Salvador

February 2: Teguicigalpa, Honduras

February 5: Managua, Nicaragua

February 8: San Jose, Costa Rica

February 12: Caracas, Venezuela

February 15: Bogota, Colombia

February 21: Quito, Ecuador

February 24: Lima, Peru

March 2: Santiago, Chile

March 8: Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 14: Cordoba, Argentina

March 16: Montevideo, Uruguay

March 20: Asuncion, Paraguay

March 23: Sao Pualo, Brazil

March 28: Santa Cruz Bolivia

In which cities in the US and Canada will it be presented?

April 4: Seattle, WA

April 5: Portland, OR

April 7: Sacramento, CA

April 11: San Francisco, CA

April 13: Fresno, CA

April 14: San Jose, CA

April 17: Los Angeles, CA

April 19: Las Vegas, NV

April 20: Glendale, AZ

April 25: Palm Desert, CA

April 26: Ontario, CA

April 28: Salt Lake City, UT

May 2: El Paso, TX

May 4: Laredo, TX

May 5: Austin, TX

May 8: Dallas, TX

May 10: Hidalgo, TX

May 11: San Antonio, TX

May 15: Houston, TX

May 18: Atlanta, GA

May 23: Toronto, CAN

May 24: Montreal, CAN

May 26: Minneapolis, MN

May 30: Chicago, IL

June 1: Brooklyn, NY

June 2: Uncasville, CT

June 5: Orlando, FL

June 6: Sunrise, FL

June 8: Miami, FL

June 12: New Orleans, FL

June 14: Nashville, TN

June 16: Greensboro, NC