Luis Miguel attends his daughter’s wedding

This weekend was especially significant for the Pinal and Gallego Basteri families, as they celebrated with great emotion the marriage union of Michelle Salas, the daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel.

The exclusive wedding ceremony took place on October 14 in Tuscany, Italy, and despite rumors, the singer of “La unconditional”, Luis Miguel, was present, as could be seen in a viral video that circulated days before the event. .

In said video, the artist arrived at the location in a helicopter in the company of his partner, designer Paloma Cuevas.

Social networks were flooded with photographs of the wedding, among which an image stands out where the “Sun of Mexico” appears in the front row, celebrating the happiness of the newlyweds.

In the photo, shared by journalist Maxine Woodside on her social networks, Luis Miguel is seen, blurry but elegant in a black suit, next to Paloma.

What many continue to wonder is if the famous artist, according to traditions, gave the bride at the altar and although many had hoped that this would happen, the answer is no, and that is, according to publications in the magazine « Vogue”, this important role was played by the mother, Stephani Salas.