Luis Miguel breaks a glass in concert and tells his staff to clean up

‘El Sol’ continues to shine with his 2023 Tour, despite the conspiracy theories that he has used doubles in his concerts.

Luis Miguel, 53 years old, had a mishap during one of his shows in Argentinaas part of his return to the stage with his Tour 2023.

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A couple of videos have begun to circulate where it is seen that Luismi slips a crystal glass on stagebefore singing his hit “Until you forget me.”

The famous singer took the moment quite humorously by signaling to his staff to sweep and mop up his mess.

The reactions of his followers have not been long in coming with comments such as “I was drinking tequila”; “don’t invent, it’s pure water”; “It doesn’t matter, Luismi can do whatever he wants”; “I would have gone up to clean it.”


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