Luis Miguel breaks his commitment to Paloma Cuevas and returns with his ex

According to the show program Gossip No Like, Luis Miguel would have left everything to return to his ex 28 years younger than him

Luis Miguel is once again in the eye of the hurricane because his alleged relationship with Paloma Cuevas has put him in the spotlight for a few weeks, where it has been speculated that El Sol had been engaged.

And although the entertainment media echoed the preparations for this wedding, it seems that Luismi has decided to back down on his commitment.

It was through the Gossip No Like program where it became known that El Sol had left Paloma Cuevas, because he returned to Miami with his showgirl Mollie Hannah Gould.

According to Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, after spending a few months in Spain with Paloma Cuevas, Luis Miguel broke his engagement with Enrique Ponce’s former partner and returned to Miami.

The third in discord would be Mollie Hannah Gould, with whom he has an intermittent romance, assured Beristain, because according to the information Luis Miguel was with Paloma Cuevas and previously with Mercedes Villador, the singer was in contact with his chorus girl Mollie.

This information is controversial not only because of the breakup with Paloma, but also because Mollie herself would have a partner, the singer Still Tech, who recently published a photograph with Gould.

Mollie Hannah Gould and the singer Luis Miguel met in 2018 when the young woman belonged to the group of choristers of El Sol. And it was then that they began a relationship when she was only 19 years old and he was 48, so this decision unleashed a great scandal in show business given the age difference and their relationship broke down after Mollie allegedly cheated on him with an Argentine billionaire.