Luis Miguel celebrated his birthday at an intimate party organized by Paloma Cuevas

Sebastián Yatra was one of the guests at the celebration and did not go with Aitana.

Luis Miguel had been away from the public eye for a long time, but on April 19 things began to change, because in addition to his 53rd birthday, the famous announced his 2023 tour, which will mean his return to the stage.

It was first of all this commotion that new news about the daily life of the famous was revealed, since the Europa Press agency managed to capture that Paloma Cuevas -current girlfriend of the interpreter of Now you can leave- organized an intimate party for him on the occasion of his birth.

It should be noted that, from the moment Luis Miguel’s courtship with the businesswoman Paloma was announced, the two have shown themselves to be very much in love and happy.

Even recently, Cuevas’s father had a brief encounter with the media and gave his blessing to the relationship: “He is a gentleman and that is what you want for your children.

That they find the best and Luis Miguel he is a gentleman ”.

According to the information collected by said international medium, the event was held at the residence that the designer owns in the center of Madrid, Spain.

Friends close to the couple would have attended the site, such as the case of Sebastián Yatra, who appeared in a striking orange patterned shirt and a black suit.

However, the singer of Couple of the Year or Red Heels did not attend accompanied by his current girlfriend Aitana.

Other people who attended the El Sol de México party were Raúl Gonzáles Blanco and Mamen Sanz. The jeweler Cristina Yanes and Remedios Cervantes also attended.

After several hours of celebration, the cameras captured the moment in which the guests began to leave the site and, like the cherry on the cake, it was possible to observe the moment in which the artist from La Incondicional left his girlfriend’s house aboard a car .

What did not go unnoticed in the images was that Luis Miguel was extremely smiling, which could be an indication of how well he would have had.