Luis Miguel denies an arrest warrant, but he is sued by Aracely Arámbula

Luis Miguel You have not met your support obligations since December 2019, This was confirmed by the lawyer Aracely Arambula, William Pouswho clarified that the information from a Spanish magazine that assured that the singer was facing an arrest warrant, is imprecise, because there is no such situation.

Pous said that despite that an attempt was made to reach a negotiation with Luis Miguel, father of Daniel and Migue, this was not possible.

«Since Then (2019) there has been an attempt to negotiate, contact was made with the lawyer, but at no time did they agree.

This week, the Spanish magazine “10 minutes” assured that Luis Miguel had a warrant for his arrest for not having paid child support to whom you would owe an amount that exceeds the 250 thousand dollars.

About this, Arámbula’s lawyer stressed that this is sensitive information he is not authorized to say, and reiterated that it is false that there is an arrest warrant against the ex-partner of the actress.

“The actions initiated are followedsimply to take charge of the payment of their children’s pension, but completely false any order of arrest, of apprehension, as they drafted it in this note from Spain».

Luis Miguel responds

Faced with questions about when the arrest would take place to Luis Miguel, Guillermo Pous was cautious in saying that the time will come and that the interpreter of “What level of woman” should be notified.

“When the moment comes. Any authority would have to notify a person, especially to make the payment of a pension ».

The lawsuit, which continues its courseit continues to be integrated with all the necessary elements for when it will be applied.

“All the elements come together. so that it is ready at the moment to be summoned (Luis Miguel), when they are going to notify him“, specified Pous.

Finally, the lawyer emphasized that it is not up to him to negotiate or talk about the sentimental part between Luis Miguel and his children, Well, on that topic Aracely Arámbula takes over.

On the artist’s Instagram accountas rarely happens, he replied that the information indicating that he has an arrest warrant in Mexico.

The singer will return to the stage this 2023and as observed in photos that circulate in networks, will return with a rejuvenated image; He also lives a good sentimental moment with his girlfriend, the Spanish designer dove caveswhom he has known for years, but until now there is a relationship between them after what Paloma will separate from her husband, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce.