Luis Miguel has a scare in the middle of the concert: VIDEO

Luis Miguel did appear at the Movistar Arena in Chile

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Luis Miguel’s tour in Mexico had a new setback. Now, the singer had a scare during his presentation at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium in Puebla, while he was preparing to perform his hit Oro de ley.

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A drone that was taking images to project them on a giant screen collapsed, possibly causing injuries to the artist, as he grabbed it with his hands when he saw that it was collapsing.

His reaction was one of amazement and surprise, although he then looked around to make sure that someone was solving it, but like a professional he continued singing without losing focus due to something that was out of his control.

This incident reminded the public of the time Enrique Iglesias almost lost his fingers while grabbing a drone that was flying over his show in Tijuana. It was 2015 and his Sex & Love tour was touring the entire continent when he experienced one of the most distressing moments for his fans, who feared the worst that “bloody” night.