Luis Miguel is sued by Profeco after canceling a concert in León

  • The ‘Sol de México’ had a concert scheduled at the Domingo Santana Stadium at the beginning of December, but did not appear after several irregularities

Luis Miguel’s triumphant return to the stage has been overshadowed by the cancellation of a concert that was scheduled for December 5 in the Domingo Santana State of León, Guanajuato. According to the information shared by the municipal government, thousands of fans were left without the possibility of seeing the ‘Sol de México’ due to irregularities in procedures and negotiation of municipal permits.

Among the reasons that led to the cancellation of the show were the alleged illegal sale of tickets, failure to fully deliver tickets for the permitted capacity of 11,352 attendees, and the absence of a deposit corresponding to the Municipal Treasury.

Furthermore, the relationship between the organizer and the authorities was affected by the failure to present a copy of the artist’s contract or the police surveillance contract, as well as by the lack of accreditation of the personality of its representatives and the absence of permits the private security company.

During the morning of this Wednesday, December 13, it emerged that the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) filed a class action lawsuit against the company organizing the event in question because the expected Luis Miguel concert did not take place.

According to the information that Profeco shared through a press release recovered by EFE, this lawsuit was filed by 60 people who were affected by the cancellation of the event.

As part of the resolution, a refund of the total payment for the tickets purchased is requested, considering service charges, taxes and an additional 20% bonus.

But that’s not all, the lawsuit also demands that the company responsible for the presentation and subsequent cancellation of the event not promote any massive event in León, Guanajuato, before covering all the requirements requested by the state government. These include permits and security or civil protection measures.

Neither Luis Miguel nor the representatives of ‘La Florida Equipos y Suplemento SA de CV’ (known as FunTicket or Musicvibe) have commented on the matter.