Luis Miguel surprises in networks by remembering his mother on this May 10

Luis Miguel and the story with his mother Marcela Basteri is a sad story that contains doubts and many tears for the singer that he is about to return to the stage after taking time out of the public eye; although in theory that topic already has an end point For the singer, today, Mother’s Day, “El Sol” remembered the woman who gave him her life.

The last time Marcel was seen alive was on March 16, 1985., when “Luismi” dedicated a song to him in it Luna Park in Argentina; since then they have originated various theories about what happened to the mother from one of the artists most beloved in Latin America, from a murder to her apparent appearance as a tramp in Buenos Aires.

It is a mystery that not even Luis Miguel himself has been able to solve, a weight that has had to carry throughout his life and a secret that his father Luisito Rey took with him to the grave.

In that presentation of the Luna Park a happy man is observed Luis Miguel, who, like his mother, looks moved for a reunion later three months after the singer was on tour; the emotion was so great interpreter who even shed a few tears.

Luis Miguel remembers his mother

Now that Luis Miguel lives a family life with his girlfriend, The designer Paloma Cuevas and her daughters, the singer will return to live performances, whose tickets are already sold out in several countries, what promises to be a successful comeback of the Mexican artist.

So for months, “Luismi” have been more active than usual in their networks, surprising first with the announcement of his return, later with the dates of their showsand more recently with the announcement of new dates due to the excellent response of its public.

But this morning he shocked his thousands of fans in the world when hanging in their stateyes from instagram a photo in which he appears together with his mother Marcela Basteri, he very young next to a Extremely smiling Marcela; without posting any message, «El Sol» only posted this photo that reflects happy times.

In a 2008 interview, Luis Miguel reiterated how important that she was a mother, and how difficult it was to live without her love, something that I expected then, to be able to overcome.

“No, unfortunately not, and that’s one of the things that hurt me the most and it is one of the topics that follow being there pending: I think it is something that in your moment I can overcome, But it has not been possible, a mother will always be a mother especially for those of us who don’t count with his presence, that we do not have that affection, with that love, we still give him much more value«.