Luis Miguel will sing before 6 thousand people in the Riviera Maya


Luis Miguel “He continues with the same vocal strength, with the same drive and the same dedication to the public, an issue that I had not experienced before in an artist who seems disciplined, focused and who understands what he is doing, which is a great commitment,” he expressed. José Luis Alva, CEO of the Music Vibe promoter.

The singer will close with a flourish this 2023 with a “unique” presentation that will take place on December 31 at the Mayakoba golf coursea spectacular resort in the Mayan Riviera. “It will be a 360 where Mexican families and families from other countries will be able to converge… from six in the afternoon when we open the doors until a few hours after the show ends with an adequate gastronomic offer and in an atmosphere of party on the most beautiful beach in Quintana Roo“explained the executive, who also reported that at the moment 65 percent of the total event space has been sold and they expect a sold out, with six thousand people.

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At a press conference held at the Mayakoba facilities, Alva, together with Pablo Casas, director of social communication of the Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo; Francisco CamarenaCEO of PARS Productions; David Lopez, director of the El Camaleón Golf Club; and Christian Morales, a renowned chef of Yucatecan gastronomyshared all the details of this great show that will mean an important economic benefit for the region.

“The fact that I would dare to tell you is that last week we had an important sporting event in the state, of global relevance, and We had a spill of 163.39 million dollarss, only in that week, so, I think that these types of events will help us continue to grow,” Casas explained.


Regarding the logistics of the event, David López pointed out that people will be able to enter from six in the afternoon and from that time the party will begin with amenities and a DJ, and at 8:30 sharp the concert will begin, which is expected to last of at least two hours.

For its part, chef Christian Morales He mentioned that there will be two gastronomic offers, a buffet that will cost approximately 3,500 pesos, and another at a lower cost. He He will be in charge of preparing the Sol menu that daybut, he said, to this day no request has been made that goes beyond the common.

People from 8 years of age and older can attend the event and the dress code is to wear white.