Luis Miguel would have bought a mansion for his girlfriend despite the lawsuit

El Sol de México turned splendid and apparently bought an exclusive house in an area of ​​Spain

Luis Miguel, one of the most popular and recognized singers in Mexico has taken on a new air. Since his return to the public eye with his eponymous series on a streaming service, the 52-year-old singer seems to be entering a new shape and after announcing a series of concerts for 2023, the interpreter of La Bikina also gave him a new opportunity. to the heart with the Spanish Paloma Cuevas.

During the week it was learned that Luis Miguel would have been visiting different properties in Spain with the intention of having a place where he could settle in the Iberian country, leave his residence in Miami, Florida in the United States and thus be able to spend time with his girlfriend, the designer Paloma Cuevas, with whom he has been romantically linked since last year.

The couple no longer hides the romance, as they were recently seen in New York when Luis Miguel accompanied Cuevas to New York Fashion Week and it was in the Big Apple where the Sun of Mexico was seen in excellent shape in preparation for the concerts that it will offer in 2023.

Luis Miguel was recently involved in assumptions that claimed he had been sued by his ex-partner, actress Aracely Arámbula, but these rumors were denied by Arámbula’s own legal representative.

With information from relatives, Luis Miguel would have visited properties in a housing complex called Las Encinas, where 20 years ago David Beckham and Posh Spice settled when the footballer was signed by the Real Madrid club and where socialites and figures from the Spanish and European show business they have taken root.

One quality that Micky would have found in the place is its privacy and security since it is said that it has a closed circuit 24 hours a day as well as security at all entrances to the complex, on the other hand it is located 20 minutes from the residence which Paloma Cuevas currently occupies, so the immediacy of being with your partner is a decisive factor for Luis Miguel.

However, other farms were seen by the singer and according to paparazzi Jordi Martin, it seems that it is a property located in La Zalageta, in Marbella, which has been chosen by the couple to start life together.