Luis Miguel’s girlfriends: They have been the singer’s partners throughout his life

Luis Miguel has managed to establish himself as a heartthrob in the world of music.


Luis Miguel He currently maintains a stable loving relationship with the designer Paloma Cuevas, to whom he has even dedicated special songs at the end of all his concerts that he offers as part of his “Luis Miguel Tour 2023”, which will take him to various parts of the United States , Latin America and Mexico; however, it is well known that the singer’s love life has been quite extensive.

With achievements ranging from Mariah Carey to Aracely Arámbulathe mother of his two children, there is no doubt that Luis Miguel he possesses an irresistible charm that cannot go unnoticed by anyone; however, these relationships have also involved him in controversy.

What women can boast of having been Luis Miguel’s girlfriends? Here we present a list of their partners that show us more than enough that “El Sol” became a true heartthrob in Mexico and the world.



The 80s were ending when the romance between Luis Miguel and Mariana Yazbek was made public; at that time, the singer was at the height of success thanks to his catchy songs that invited to dance. The relationship lasted only a year, but it did not fail to cause a real sensation back then.


Luis Miguel had one of his most controversial romances with Stephanie Salas because he had his daughter Michelle with her. The couple’s relationship lasted two years, and although Stephanie assures that she remembers this stage fondly, it is also true that it brought criticism to Luis Miguel for becoming an absent father for Michelle, which continues to this day.


The marriage between Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula caused a lot of expectation among fans, who thought they were facing one of the most stable romances in the world of entertainment, especially after their sons Miguel and Daniel were born; Unfortunately, this didn’t work out. The divorce brought lawsuits over the support of the couple’s children.a, as well as criticism for the absence of Luis Miguel as a father.


Another popular conquest of Luis Miguel was the popular actress Sofía Vergaraalthough it was also involved in the controversy after it was rumored that the couple broke up after the singer discovered that Vergara had called some paparazzi to photograph them together on his yacht, which aroused the annoyance of “El Sol”.


That’s how it is! The so-called “Queen of Christmas” had a very famous romance with Luis Miguel from 1998 to 2001, becoming one of the sensational couples of the moment; However, the relationship did not prosper and they ended up separating, each following their path in music.

  • Daisy Fuentes

Luis Miguel had a relationship with Daisy Fuentes for three years, after which they separated. Ten years later, the couple tried to resume courtship but the matter did not work out anymore, so they decided to move away.


The name of Mercedes Villador It recently went viral after it was caught with Roberto Palazuelos, which sparked all kinds of reactions and comments when it was remembered, first of all, that the Argentine model had a short relationship with “El Sol” from 2019 to 2022, approximately; and secondly, that Palazuelos and Luis Miguel used to be great friends.


After weeks of speculation, Luis Miguel confirmed through his Twitter account that, Indeed, he maintains an affair with the Spanish designer Paloma Cuevas, with whom he has already posed very affectionately in some photographs. At his concerts, Luis Miguel caused a sensation by dedicating the song “Cucurrucucú, Paloma” to his girlfriend.