Luisito Comunica’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of having been unfaithful to her; influencer responds and defends Ary Tenorio, his partner

  • Cynthia, better known as ‘Lenguas de gato’, gave her version of the end of her relationship with Luisito Comunica.

Luisito Comunica and Cinthya, better known as “Cat Tongues,” were dating for five years and their relationship was followed by many, since at that time the influencer He began to become famous on social networks, However, the couple broke up in June 2019.

The reason that was revealed as to why they ended their courtship It was because apparently Luisito Comunica would have been unfaithful to Cinthyasomething that became known when Lizbeth Rodríguez inspected Ryan Hoffman’s phone.

Several years after what happened, Cinthya appeared on the “Un tal Fredo” podcast where he gave his version of the events and the reason why their relationship ended with Luisito Comunica. According to the influencer, the YouTuber did cheat on her.

The influencer said that the reason her belongings were hidden is because Luisito Comunica had invited another woman to the apartment where they lived. In addition, she noted that she no longer felt comfortable in the relationship due to the criticism she received on social networks.

After the “Cat Tongues” statements went viral, Luisito Comunica responded and said that his ex-girlfriend He spoke badly about him and even mentioned that Cinthya was not a “white dove.”

On the other hand, he asked people to stop the hate against his girlfriend, Ary Tenorio, since many believe that the influencer was unfaithful to Cinthya with Ary. Luisito Comunica mentioned that he met his current girlfriend months after finishing “Languas de gato.”