Lupillo Rivera opened up about the problems he has with his family, they even threatened him when he entered LCFLF!

The conflicts of the Rivera dynasty crept into The House of the Famous 4.

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Lupillo Rivera surprised the followers of The house of the famous 4 After he revealed that his family threatened him before entering the reality show, know his strong statements!

The constants friction between the Rivera dynasty They seem to have no end and, although the family tries to keep them out of it, Lupillo did not “mess around with little girls” and He detailed some of the awkward problems he has had with his siblings.

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According to the singer, his brothers They fear that during their stay in The house of the famous 4 reveal some intimate family detailsso they did not hesitate to threaten him with “taking his clothes out in the sun” if this happens.

As you see, the gossip in The house of the famous 4 is at full strengthespecially with figures as controversial as Lupillo Rivera…find out everything!


While Lupillo and Maripily were talking in the bathroom, the singer opened his heart and He told his partner about the problems he has with his brothers:

“If I try to advance two steps they set me back four or five”

“Me before entering They threatened me, they threatened me. Two of them… ‘you know what, we are going to say this and we are going to raise this and we are going to do this’”, revealed the interpreter, who also announced that the scandals they are preparing against him would have to do with his love life. and his controversial divorces.

“My divorces were widely announced and they They saved everything that happened twenty-some years ago to use against me right now.“, he assured Lupillowho explained that the only thing his brothers want is to damage it.

“To hurt me in my career, not to get money, just to do harm. “If I try to advance two steps, they delay me four or five,” said Lupillo Rivera, who was resentful of the attitude of his brothers, as well as the lack of action of his father, who has done nothing. for controlling this lawsuit.

I long for my father to doto say ‘you know what, I’m the dad, I’m the head and you’re not going to talk about your carnal like that, you’re not going to say this’ (…) As dad you know“This one has a career and works at this and this one is ruining this,” the singer concluded, quite upset.