Lupillo Rivera reveals hot details of his relationship with Belinda and surprises on LCDLF

Lupillo Rivera revealed in The house of the famous Mexico How was his first intimate meeting with Belinda.

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Lupillo Rivera became, in a matter of days, one of the favorite participants of The house of the famous 4 thanks to his charisma and his shocking revelations about the Rivera family and, of course, Belinda.

A few days ago Lupillo Rivera had left more than one person with their mouths open when he revealed how “toxic” his relationship with Belinda becamewith whom he was only six months because the singer, the famous man noted, was extremely jealous of him.

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However, it seems Not everything was bad in the courtship between Lupillo Rivera and Belinda, or at least that is what the “Toro del Corrido” revealed after his colleagues from The House of the Famous convinced him to tell more about this controversial relationship.

Lupillo Rivera He accepted that he was not left alone with the toxicity of his ex-girlfriend, because He got to live very pleasant moments with the singerand even, already on his way, revealed What was his first romantic encounter with Belinda like and why he got his face tattooed.


How you rememberLupillo Rivera and Belinda met while working at The Voice Mexico 2019. Although both singers denied for years that the crush had occurred during the recordings of the reality show, finally Lupillo confirmed to Maripily that this was the case.

“It was very hot, that was something spectacular. What’s more, they charged me a lot of extra things on my hotel card”

Lupillo Rivera explained that it all started when Belinda He began to call him sexist, so He asked her out so she could really get to know him:

“I told him ‘I’ll invite you out one day. I just want to show you who I am.’ “So I took her to dinner, I took her for a walk, we talked for a long time.”assured the singer.


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On the other hand, Lupillo Rivera hinted to Maripily that, on that first date, his first intimate encounter with Belinda would also have taken place, although like a true gentleman, he did not want to give many details about that:

“In my mind I said: ‘I have to grab and leave the mark well’ and it was very hotthat was something spectacular. What’s more, they charged me for a lot of extra things on my hotel card,” Lupillo recalled, mischievously, to the surprise of millions of people who don’t miss the day-to-day life of The house of the famous 4.


Regarding the tattoo of Belinda’s face that Lupillo Rivera got on his right arm and which was the inspiration for so many memes, the “Toro del Corrido” finally revealed the truth behind this curious occurrence:

The reason was because I always wanted to get a Marilyn Monroe tattoo.…for me, Marilyn Monroe is the most beautiful woman who has ever existed, but then I said ‘I’m never going to kiss Marilyn Monroe,'” Lupillo expressed sincerely to the participants of The house of the famous 4, recognizing that Despite the toxicity, Belinda has her own thing:

“After that situation, I did have several meetings with actresses and singers. “No one can deny that she is a very beautiful woman,” the singer concluded.


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