Lupillo Rivera’s daughter confronts Giselle Soto, her father’s ex, calling her unfaithful

Giselle Soto attacks her ex, Lupillo Rivera.


Abigail Rivera, daughter of Lupillo Rivera and María Gorola, was fired up by Giselle Soto’s comments accusing her of having deceived her father.

Some days ago, Giselle Soto unleashed the controversy when he responded to a follower the reason why he no longer continued with Lupillo Rivera.

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The house of the famous 4 confirmed Frida Sofía as one of the tenants with this embarrassing mistake” href=” -one-of-the-tenants-with-this-embarrassing-error” >



The house of the famous 4 confirmed Frida Sofía as one of the tenants with this embarrassing mistake

Paty-Manterola-appears-bedridden-and-without-being-able-to-move-it's been like this for several days.jpg


Paty Manterola appears bedridden and unable to move; she has been like this for several days

“I would have loved to see you happy with Lupillo, but only God knows what each person’s destiny is. Blessings beautiful.”

“Thank you, believe me, me too, but between The family problems, the toxic daughters, the jealous ex, the whores… and the gossip was impossible.”.

These comments did not sit well with Abigail Rivera and responded to his father’s ex-partner.

“Don’t forget what really happened. They abandoned you as if you were a bad habit because you were ‘tangled’ in Las Vegas with (boxer) Fernando Vargas Jr.. He is much better off without her. She was careless when she had an affair with Fernando Vargas in Las Vegas and They abandoned it like a bad habit. She is angry”.


They say they always return to where they wanted them… 💋🖤

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Mayeli Alonsoformer of Lupillo Rivera, also entered into controversy because it came out muddy in Giselle’s comments.

“Do I tell him or do you tell him? Mija, if so many things got in the way of your relationship and your partner didn’t give you your place, it’s because he didn’t love you.”.

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