Lupillo Rivera’s tattoo artist offers to change Christian Nodal’s tattoos

Lupillo Rivera’s tattoo artist, who covered some Belinda designs a few months ago, offered his services to Christian Nodal now that he was single.

Just as it happened with Lupillo Rivera, many wonder what Christian Nodal will do with the tattoos he got from Belinda.

Taking advantage of the strength of the rumors that the Sonoran seeks to remove them with a laser, the tattooist who erased the design of the also actress to Lupillo Rivera offers its services to Nodal.

Tank Rules” is the pseudonym of Anthony Moralesa tattoo artist from Jalisco who became known after he “removed” the tattoo that Lupillo Rivera was made in honor of Belinda.

In an interview for the Ventaneando program, the tattoo artist offered his professional advice to Nodal:

My recommendation would be to use what we already have tattooed to make a completely different tattoo; all this to avoid hurting the area more than necessary, because a tattoo is a scar.

I continue to give very precise suggestions of what kind of designs I would propose to the singer of “Goodbye, love” in case you decide to use their services.

For example, the well-known tattoo Located in the Nodal’s torsowith the image of Belinda’s facecould be changed to a “hannya maskwhich is a traditional Japanese resource,” said Tank Rules.

In addition, he explained why he recommends that design:

[La máscara de Hannya] It alludes to a jealous woman transformed into a demon.

Regarding the word “Utopia” what Nodal was tattooed on his forehead, the expert says that he would not change it. Later, she continued with the tattoo that the Mexican regional singer placed on his ear that says “Beli“.

About, “Tank Rules” said that he would transform the word into “believe” or “creer” in Spanish. He also suggested the word “warlike”.