Luxurious painting stolen from Talina Fernández bazaar

They rob the Talina Fernández bazaar

Jose Luis Ramos

Hundreds of objects that belonged to Talina Fernández were sold last Saturday at a bazaar in Polanco. Her children: Patricio and Coco were in charge of auctioning off the items that would help them pay some debts.

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Valentino Lanús accused of fraud


Valentino Lanús accused of fraud

Clothing, prizes, paintings, utensils, vases, sewing machines and some ornaments were put up for sale at prices ranging from 200 pesos to 20 thousand, depending on the value and the brand.

But although the children of the deceased driver revealed that the sale had been a success, there was an unpleasant situation that they describe as robbery. And, according to Pato’s words, there was a buyer who gave him 1,000 pesos for a painting and then fled the scene.

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“I was in the bathroom and I told my brother to keep an eye on the guy, but when I came out I didn’t see him, I ran out, although I had no luck, he ran away”expressed Mariana Levy’s brother.

The painting was a work of art that adorned Talina Fernández’s house, located in the Bosque de las Lomas neighborhood, and its price in the bazaar ranged between 18 and 20 thousand pesos.