Luxury signing on ESPN! ‘Tuca’ Ferretti will replace David Faitelson as sports analyst

“Tuca” Ferretti arrives with everything and his explosive character to ESPN.

Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

“Tuca” Ferretti became a trend in a matter of hours after the sports network ESPN announced a real bomb: the former coach of the Mexican National Team will begin a new stage as a sports commentator replacing David Faitelsonwho changed to TUDN.

That’s how it is! This Tuesday night, ESPN surprised more than one person when announcing his new “signing” for the “Futbol Picante” program, one of the most controversial in its field, and surely “Tuca” Ferretti has many surprises to offer for viewers.

He “Tuca” Ferretti, who has been behind many championships in Liga MX, He was excited about this new project.and in his first participation in “Futbol Picante”, the former coach offered some statements about how he feels in the world of sports television.


Indeed, This announcement marks the debut of “Tuca” Ferretti as a sports analyst; It is important to clarify that, just in August, the Brazilian He stopped being the coach of Cruz Azul after the bad start that the team had in the Apertura 2023. And although “Tuca” is aware of it, He also accepted that he is excited about this new project:

“I hope it doesn’t get too complicated for me, and I hope to learn from my colleagues”

“I hope it doesn’t get too complicated for me, and I hope to learn from my colleagues, I’m sure that yes, we will understand each other quite well, but I think that having to analyze from here is having to make a criticism and I hope to make this “Criticism is as positive as possible for the benefit of those who want to listen,” declared the Brazilian before the cameras of “Futbol Picante.”

“My intention to come, accept this challenge of making comments, of making criticisms, but always seeking to be as positive as possible,” Ferretti assured.

“This spicy soccer table doesn’t know what awaits them”

Likewise, the Brazilian took time to warn one thing: It will be the same controversial subject that football fans are already accustomed toand as you will remember, the Brazilian has been the subject of criticism on several occasions due to his explosive nature.

“This spicy soccer table doesn’t know what awaits them,” Ferretti decisively concluded his presentation. as an analyst.