Lyn May advances new musical project

The vedette admitted that she currently has an affair in the city of Puebla

Lyn May will release reggaeton songs on her new album, she recently revealed in an interview with the Channel 6 Chismorreo program.

“I’m doing reggaeton and right now I’m doing ‘las arrabaleras’ which is like the style… it’s not Mrs. Paquita la del Barrio, like a lady who many years ago… Chelo Silva”, external the vedette.

In this sense, he specified that it is not only one, but that he will soon release two new albums: one that will be by ‘arrabaleras’ and another, of which he did not give details. Soon, he will go to Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, to later be in Mexico.

As for her love life, of which there is no clue since she was romantically linked to the musician Markos D1, she assured that she has “one that I have in Puebla”, laughing.

Regarding the previous saying where he assured that he had a relationship with a man in common with the recently deceased Irma Serrano ‘La Tigresa’, he assures that it was a producer, who is already dead but whose name he did not dare to say. “Thank you very much for always supporting me. It’s been 50 years with this career and I adore the public, “said Lyn May in a message to her fans.