Mabel Cadena poses for ‘Vogue Mexico’ with jewelry by María Félix

The Mexican actress shared the news through her social networks

From the State of Mexico to the world. Born in the municipality of Naucalpan, Mabel Cadena has built a highly successful career within the film industry, which has led her to big franchises like Marvel.

The 32-year-old Mexican actress surprised her followers by being the cover of the month of March for Vogue magazine, where she also posed with two iconic jewels from the also Mexican María Félix.

Through her Instagram account, the actress who gave life to Namora in the recent movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, shared some photos where she wears these precious jewels.

The actress shared for Vogue the satisfaction of the moment she is living. Her eagerness to work to achieve her dreams and to look for opportunities.

«For me that is the most important thing; saying that today I am living this, but I do not know what I am going to experience tomorrow and I have to continue working for whatever comes. I can’t just wait here for something to come along,” he told the magazine.

On the mentioned cover, Mabel Cadena proudly wears two jewels that María Félix, one of the most important actresses in the history of Mexico, used. Cadena affirms that she has been La Doña, one of the greatest inspirations of her family.

“This means many things to us, because she is one of the women my grandmother has most admired in her time, she is an icon of beauty, elegance, strength and change for us women,” said the actress.

The story behind these jewels, especially the crocodile necklace, is very peculiar. It is said that Maria went to a Parisian store in 1975 with her pet in her arms, which was nothing more and nothing less than a crocodile.