Madonna mocked Lady Gaga during one of her concerts

  • The Material Girl assured that confusing Toronto with Boston was as insulting as if she were compared to the “Born This Way” singer.

Pop star Madonna made a small mistake during her concert in Toronto last Friday, January 12, by greeting the audience with “Hello, Boston,” confusing the city with the one she had previously visited.

The “Hung Up” singer quickly apologized to the spectators at the Scotiabank Arena, where she was making one of the stops on her Celebration Tour.

The Grammy winner revisited the incident at the concert, asking the audience if they were upset by her mistake.

Immediately, the “Material Girl” apologized, mentioning one of the singers with whom she was compared on several occasions: Lady Gaga.

“I’m sorry. What kind of shit is that? That would be like you guys saying, ‘Hey, Lady Gaga is playing tonight!'”

To the laughter and surprise of her audience, Madonna tried to make her comment a little less aggressive, ensuring that she had nothing against the Just Dance performer.

“I would not like. I mean, you know, (I have) nothing against Lady Gaga. I love her. I love her. I love anyone who is shorter than me,” Madonna joked again, referring to Gaga’s short height (1.55 m).

The rivalry between Lady Gaga and Madonna dates back to 2012, when Gaga released Born This Way, a song that has not only become one of her biggest hits, but also an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. However, various media began to speculate that the piece was a complete plagiarism of Express Yourself, a song that Madonna released in 1989.