Magaly Chávez responds to Alfredo Adame’s controversial statements about her gender

Magaly Chávez says that she never had a relationship with Alfredo Adame.

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In an attempt to clean up her image, Magaly Chávez has attacked Alfredo Adame, who does not stop making accusations about her.

“It came out with… In a month and a half we had three kisses, we never had sex or anything, and I saw something very suspicious, very strange,” that was What Alfredo Adame said about Magaly Chávez in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, reviving the controversy between the two. On several occasions, the host and DJ has stated that his ex-girlfriend is trans, casting doubt on her gender at birth. These statements bothered Magaly, who He put an end to the controversy by attending a Public Registry to deny it.

“Guys, here is my birth certificate. I just came off the public record. Here is my name (…) Don’t be fooled, here is my CURP and most importantly, I am a woman!“said the former ‘Falling in Love’ participant in a video shared on social networks.

The model and influencer regretted having to deny Adame’s accusations and also spoke about how their alleged relationship was “a setup to clean up the image” of the driver. Now, It is she who tries to clean hers because of the statements of Carlos Trejo’s enemy.

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Adame has stated on several occasions that The reason he ended his relationship with Magaly Chávez was because he had doubts about his gender identity..

Magaly Chávez will sue Alfredo Adame

Magaly Chávez will take action on the matter and revealed a week ago that will file a lawsuit against Alfredo Adame for his statements.

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In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the model expressed: “Now, the demand is going. Now, I’m going to have to raise my voice. I am a calm woman and I think many women are going to identify with me.. We do things peacefully, but when they are bothering us, we reach a limit.”

Magaly says that Adame’s accusations do not affect her beyond the professional level because At the end of the day “we are all human beings”.