Magical night with Flans and Pandora at FENAPO 2023

  • The “Unexpected Tour” brought memories, nostalgia and pop music to the Teatro del Pueblo

With a concert of memories, nostalgia, lots of dancing and music from the eighties, the “Inexperado Tour” by the groups Flans and Pandora, closed the second weekend of successes for the Potosina National Fair, which tonight exceeded its first two million of visitors, exceeding all expectations for its 81st edition.
Isabel, Mayte, Fernanda, Ilse and Mimi, looked spectacular on the big stage of the Teatro del Pueblo, in a presentation full of memories, with the music that generations fell in love with and that continues to make young people of the new era sigh, sing and dance. .
With tremendous success, “Inexperado Tour” caused thousands of attendees at the Teatro del Pueblo of FENAPO to enjoy a show like no other, to the rhythm of iconic songs such as “Me gusta ser sonrisa”, “He is not a Rocky” and , “20 miles” by Flans and songs from Pandora such as “Neither you nor me” and “Adiós amor”.
The two groups sang together and then took time to splurge on individual talent. The interpretations of “Tiraré las cubas” and “Ay amor” hit the hearts and minds of the people from Potosi gathered at this great fair in Mexico. The magic of uniting generations is only achieved by “Inexperado Tour” with timeless themes such as “20 miles”, “How are you doing my love”, “A thousand and one nights”, Pretend not”, “Dear” and many others that made the unique night
Thus, with two successful weekends, the Potosina National Fair reaffirms why it is the great fair in Mexico, free, safe, inclusive, of services and of international quality for the enjoyment of millions of Potosinas and Potosinos and thousands of visitors who night after night and day after day they come to San Luis Potosí, because “Here we love you”