Maite Perroni celebrated Andrés Tovar’s birthday with a party

The producer shared the romantic moment he lived with the actress at her celebration and dedicated a tender message to her

Maite Perroni celebrated her 41st birthday of her boyfriend Andrés Tovar. The actress organized a meeting where, in addition to the incredible decoration and the presence of a mariachi group, the lovers squandered honey. The producer did not miss the opportunity to thank the gesture that his partner had on such a special day and dedicated an emotional message to him.

Last weekend, Andrés Tovar celebrated another year of life and celebrated surrounded by family, friends and his girlfriend. The television producer spent a very special day thanks to the party organized by Maite Perroni in a garden.

Under a ceiling adorned with dark fabrics and yellow lights, attendees enjoyed a meal at a long table, the cutlery shone with its golden color and the flowers in shades of pink captivated with their aroma. The protagonist of Dark Desire also provided a candy table where she highlighted a beautiful cake decorated with the colors chosen for the party.

The couple did not share details of the event on their social networks.However, some of the guests did post photos or videos on their Instagram stories. In the fragments recovered by Gustavo Adolfo Infante On their YouTube channel you can see the couple very happy and in love, enjoying every moment of the meeting to the fullest.

In one of the stories you can see Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni fused in a warm hug that ended in a kiss after the producer extended a thank you for the detail that the native of Mexico City did: “Thanks to my girlfriend who gave me the best birthday of my life”.

Another guest who recorded the couple while they were sitting enjoying Sabes una cosa performed by mariachi and, at one point, Maite Perroni approached her boyfriend to give him a tender kiss on the cheek.