Maite Perroni confirms that Guillermo Rosas no longer belongs to the RBD team

RBD in Houston


What was a rumor surrounding the band RBD was finally confirmed by one of its members, the singer Maite Perroni. Guillermo Rosas, linked to the production of the group’s shows, no longer belongs to the work team. The reason?

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Accompanied by her husband, Andrés Tovar, the actress also arrived at the Mexico City Airport, where she stopped to talk with the journalists who were there. One of the issues for which she was questioned was the alleged financial embezzlement that Guillermo Rosas, alleged manager of RBD, had committed.

“We started a cycle with him (Guillermo Rosas), we were sharing with him the beginning of this tour; some concerts and then we continue on our own. He is no longer part of the team”Maite Perroni expressed while walking.

He avoided talking about the financial problems in which Guillermo Rosas was allegedly involved. “At this moment we cannot make any type of statement that makes such a statement, we are only making the administrative closure of the tour and later we can have more clarity about things.”

Maite clarified that Guillermo Rosas was “nobody’s manager” and gave details of what his role was within the RBD organization.

“Twenty years ago, he was part of the team of the businessman who led the tour, this (2023) was the first time that I worked with him in this way and we formed a partnership and that was the way we were relating”.

Finally, the actress commented that it is not known if there will be legal consequences for the Guillermo Rosas case.