Man disguised as “cookie eater” terrorizes US residents

The inhabitants ask to stay as far away from the subject

Man disguised as “cookie eater” terrorizes US residents; ask to stay away The case of a man disguised as the “cookie monster”, one of the most iconic characters from the children’s series “Sesame Street”, has unleashed terror among parents in the coastal area of ​​Santa Cruz, California, after of the subject attacking and harassing anyone who approaches him.

According to The New York Post, the subject identified as Adam Sandler, 59, has worn the costume of the famous blue character, who from afar looks friendly and arouses the curiosity of passers-by; however, upon approaching, Adam begins yelling obscenities and taunting the locals enjoying a walk along the waterfront.

In addition, he is harassing parents on the streets of Santa Cruz to make them pay to take photos with him and their children.

“We’re getting calls from people saying it’s ‘creepy,'” Santa Cruz police spokeswoman Joyce Blaschke said in a statement released Wednesday. “Based on his history, we advise the public not to interact with this individual. Stay away from him,” she added. Police said the man, who has no connection to the “Uncut Gems” star, had not committed any crimes in Santa Cruz until last Tuesday when he began disturbing residents.