Man falls off the bike with everything and new screen

A couple had a horrible Good End in Querétaro when they lost their screen just after leaving the store, the moment of which was captured on video.

The Good End began in Mexico since last Wednesday, November 10, and millions of Mexicans drew their savings to be able to acquire the items they wanted so much, taking advantage of the offers this weekend, which of course brought with it several disasters.

In social networks, videos of the classic mishaps that are recorded during the good weekend have begun to circulate, from labeling errors to fights to access the stores before anyone else, but apparently leaving the store victorious does not mean that you are safe.

A funny and sad video has circulated of a buyer of the good end, known by many as the irresistible end who finally got his long-awaited giant screen, however he did not last long as he lost it when he fell from the motorcycle where he was transporting it.

During the good end of 2021, Mexicans focused mainly on household appliances and items such as cell phones and screens, being in Querétaro where the worst nightmare of many occurred, losing a TV right after buying it, as happened with an unfortunate couple.

Through a video posted on the San Antonio Carrillo Facebook page you can see a couple leaving with their brand new one-seat television, however they did not realize that there was a tube that limited the height of vehicles, and it was here where the screen collided and fell to the ground along with his companion, who is bent strangely in the vehicle.

In addition to accidents, another problem that consumers face is false offers.