Man has been raising his arm for 50 years

The pain did not prevent him from becoming a sadhu, because his pain was justified: world peace and honoring Shiva.

How long can you hold one arm up without feeling a cramp? Any figure you think of, even as exaggerated as it may seem to you, will be far from the amount of time that Amar Bharati has been doing it, since this man has been raising his arm for 50 years as a sign of gratitude and faith in his city.

After a full life working as a banker, Bharati realized that he was dissatisfied with his life and decided to change the course he was taking, so he decided to become a saghu, a title that according to the Hindu religion “acquires a monk who follows the path of austerity and penance to achieve enlightenment and happiness”.

As part of this new path, the man from India decided to adopt one of the most unusual penances that exist, as it consists of keeping his right arm raised and has been like this for 50 years.

Loving had already completed two of the four phases of life, according to Hinduism. He, well, had studied until he became an employee of the Indian band and also had three children, however, he was not happy with his life.

It was then that he decided to begin his penance by keeping his arm raised for world peace, in honor of the god Shiva.

Even if she wanted to, Bharati cannot lower her arm, as maintaining this position for so long has caused her muscles to atrophy, the cartilage in her shoulder and elbow has completely dried up, causing the only way for her to bend them is to break.