Man leaves his girlfriend after discovering that she had 5 husbands and several boyfriends

A very famous woman from the United Kingdom went viral, after it became known what it is like to live with 7 husbands and several boyfriends at the same time

They say that in the heart nobody rules and that in matters of love, you never know, how the story of a man named Wayne Harper, who at 43 years old left his girlfriend Emily Thorne, upon learning that she cheated on him with more 5 men at a time.

And she is the woman that Wayne loved with all his heart, she is nothing less and nothing more than the most famous bigamist woman in the United Kingdom and much of the world, so after the breakup with this boy, the woman did not miss the chance and married two other men.

It should be noted that the breakup occurred after Wayne found out that his beloved Emily cheated on him, this is surprising because the woman had 5 husbands and several boyfriends at the same time, of which the boyfriend had no knowledge and therefore he did not approve of being one more for her.

It should be noted that Wayne and Emily met in a curious way, as they saw each other for the first time in a hospital, after Wayne had a bicycle accident and Emily had to undergo minor surgery, but as time passed the story He changed completely, because many people warned him about the other relationships that the woman had, but the man did not believe these versions, until he confirmed it with his own eyes.

The story of the woman is extremely well known in the United Kingdom, since it has been a source of curiosity, as many television stations have resumed their love situation to expose it in various programs and documentaries such as The Bigamist Bride and My Five Husbands.