Man transports a television on a unicycle

The peculiar way in which the man transported his television down the street has surprised everyone on social networks

Social networks are full of all kinds of videos that amaze millions of Internet users.
This was the case of a clip that appeared on Twitter and has received millions of views, since what was captured by the user of the social network is something very strange to see, since generally when someone goes out to do their shopping they usually have in mind what to move it, more if it is a television of several inches.

On this occasion, a man was caught transporting the box of his new multi-inch television but through a unicycle, although this might seem somewhat risky and highly unlikely to achieve, he succeeded.

The man can be seen leaving a well-known store in the United States with a 75-inch television, the action is curious, because first he straps the big box to his back and then gets on the unicycle and starts pedaling towards his destination.

Obviously the task is not easy, since maintaining balance on a unicycle is already a complicated task, added to the weight of the television and the size of the box, you can see how it moves with great difficulty.