Mandatory mourning: Kim Jong-un banned laughing and drinking in North Korea on the 10th anniversary of his grandfather’s death

North Korean delegates visit statues of founder Kim Il-sung and former Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang (Reuters) (KCNA /)

The 10 years since Kim Jong-un came to power is not a reason to celebrate in North Korea, since the date also remembers the 10th anniversary of the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, which implies a generalized mourning in the country, even more extensive than in previous commemorations.

In this framework, the authorities of the communist dictatorship ordered the citizens that does not show any kind of happiness or sign of joy in the period of mourning.

As reported by North Korean sources to the Radio Free Asia (RFA), people have It is forbidden to laugh, drink alcohol or carry out leisure activities that may denote an act of celebration or entertainment.

Usually, the periods of mourning last a week, but on the 10th anniversary of the passing of Kim Jong-il, the commemoration will have within 11 days.

According to the source of RFAOn the central day, this Friday the 17th, citizens will not even be allowed to go shopping: it will be a total holiday. The radio also reported that security agents were ordered to monitor people who are not properly affected by mourning.

North Koreans leave wreaths in front of statues of deceased leaders (KCNA / Reuters)
North Koreans leave wreaths in front of statues of deceased leaders (KCNA / Reuters) (KCNA /)

Previously, according to the network, many people who were caught drinking or intoxicated during a period of mourning were arrested and treated as ideological criminals.

The son of the founder of North Korea ruled since 1994. When he died of a heart attack at the age of 69, he was succeeded by his third and youngest son, current leader Kim Jong-un. In his first years in office, the devastating famine occurred, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The impoverished country is currently under multiple international sanctions for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, and has suffered from chronic food shortages. Pyongyang is facing its worst economic crisis in years, also impacted by the self-imposed COVID lockdown.


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