Manelyk González opens up about the consequences of his aesthetic treatment: ‘They have to open my eye’

Manelyk González is known for having participated in the reality show ‘Acapulco Shore’.

(Instagram @manelyk_oficial)

Does Manelyk González regret having this aesthetic treatment on his face? This is what he said.

Since Manelyk González He underwent cosmetic treatment on his cheekbones, has had to face the consequencesone in particular being the one that worries her the most, since involves another surgery and could get worse over time.

“No way, I have to face the consequences.”


The influencer, recognized for his participation in the reality ‘Acapulco Shore’, He shared his feelings in an interview with a correspondent from the ‘Hoy’ program. The Internet star revealed that He has been suffering for the last 6 months because his body rejected the material that was applied to himand almost lost an eye as a result.

Due, You should undergo surgery or take medication to counteract the problem as soon as possible.. However, the first option scares him. “It’s a blepharoplasty, they open my (eye), but We don’t know if the product is spread or not, so it could be worse. “It’s like flipping a coin,” said Manelyk.

He clarified that he has no intention of undergoing another cosmetic surgery, but He acknowledged that “it is a matter of luck” that everything goes well. “This time it was my turn and no way, I have to face the consequences,” she lamented.

Manelyk González

Manelyk González has not given up and does everything to feel better.

(Instagram @manelyk_oficial)

What happened to Manelyk González after his aesthetic treatment?

The influencer, with more than 16 million followers, has repeatedly shared the discomfort she has experienced after the failed cosmetic surgery she underwent. He mentioned that his right eye becomes inflamed and it is quite uncomfortable to carry out his activities with that discomfort.. To counteract the symptoms, you have taken fluid-reducing medication.

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