Manelyk resigns and ‘The stars dance in Today’ becomes a “terrifying mess”

PHOTOS: JOSÉ LUIS RAMOS. ‘The stars dance in Today’ should already be called ‘The stars give up Today’, because NONE of the couples that started the competition will reach the final with the original members… Resignation after resignation, now it’s Manelyk Who leaves the contest?

Due to work commitments, the influencer decided to leave the contest where she had become the only couple to survive so many changes together with Carlos Speitzer. In fact, every Friday they won the votes of the public and almost always won the extra points in the votes of TVyNovelas.

But none of that mattered, as she is going to the LGBTQ+ pride celebrations in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Knowing that that was the reason bothered Emma Pulidowho said: “I am shocked and happy that such toxic and irresponsible people are leaving, and I apologize to the public because this already seems like a horrible mess.”

Now, Carlos Speitzer was left in the abyss because there are only a couple of weeks of competition left. This is how Toñita was left, since Chao also resigned from the competition due to family commitments in Spain.

Olivia Collins also left, Marisol Terrazas and even Gomita, in the midst of the scandal and versions that seemed to be lies… This third season was conspicuous by the lack of commitment to the contest.