Manola Diez explodes against Christian Estrada at the premiere of the VIP Hotel… This is how the premiere was lived!

The VIP Hotel started explosive.

The first chapter was held in this luxury hotel, where 16 personalities will put their physical and mental capacity to the test to reach the final.

After the great success of the phenomenon of LCDLFMcomes to the screen VIP Hotela reality show in which 16 celebrities will compete for 1.5 million pesos.

Over the course of two months, celebrities will have to play their cards right; there will be rules, they will be nominated face to face by their peers, some will be guests and others the staff that will attend to them.

Roberto Palazuelos and Karina Banda are the drivers of VIP Hotelwho know everything and see everything, so they will present and lead the challenges and nominations, always enforcing the rules.

Luis ‘Potro’ Caballero and Mariana Echeverria are the drivers who are broadcasting live from the forum. During this premiere, ‘The Black Diamond’, Araceli Ordaz “Gomita” and Martha Figueroa They were guests telling their experience and reality secrets.

‘Gomita’ did her thing by sitting on Palazuelos’s legs and giving him a kiss.

VIP Hotel Participants

Martha Figueroa, Manola Diez, Mariana Ávila, Ligia Uriarte, Tefi Valenzuela, Araceli Ordaz ‘Gomita’, Natália Subtil, Vielka Valenzuela, Carlos López ‘El Chevo’, Fer Sagreeb, Christian Estrada, Jorge ‘Burro’ Van Rankin, Roberto Tello, Peewee, Silverio Rocchi and Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera ‘Colate’.

The specialists

Gabriel Oliveri (Manager), Fernando Stovell (Chef) and Diego Di Marco (Wellness Coach).

This is how the green and red teams were formed for the challenges

the red team they won the first challenge and they become the first guests, while the green team stays as the staff of the VIP Hotel and they went to the risk zone to vote among themselves.

Manola Diez exploded against the red team and especially against the captain Christian Estrada for “having mocked” the green team in their celebration for the victory they achieved.