Manos de Piedra Durán defended Canelo de Dinamita Márquez

Roberto Durán supported the achievements of Canelo Álvarez (Photos: Twitter @ CampeonesAM890 // Instagram @ jmmarquezof / @ canelo)

The dispute for the title of the best pound for pound in the world and his consideration as one of the best Mexican boxers of all time has favored Saul Canelo Álvarez since winning the undisputed 168-pound title. However, the criticisms of characters like Juan Manuel Dynamite Márquez have been present, although other legends such as Roberto Stone hands Duran have come out in defense of the legacy built by the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Despite not sharing nationality with him Canelo Álvarez, the Panamanian expugilist gave a boost to the successes it has reaped in recent years. Even after Márquez denied that the man from Guadalajara is the best Mexican in history and of the moment, Durán threw himself against him. In an interview for the medium You Can’t Play Boxing, considered that the reason for his criticism is envy.

“For me he is envious (Juan Manuel Márquez) Why don’t you go box with him? That is only envy. I know Canelo nothing more by phone. The brother introduced it to me by video. No one is a gold coin to be liked by everyone. The one who speaks ill of Canelo it is because he envies him. Canelo for me is a good person ”, he declared.

Canelo Álvarez conquered the unified title for the first time in the history of 168 pounds (Photo: Caroline Brehman / EFE)
Canelo Álvarez conquered the unified title for the first time in the history of 168 pounds (Photo: Caroline Brehman / EFE) (CAROLINE BREHMAN /)

And it is that, in days gone by, Márquez decried the achievements that postulate Canelo Álvarez as the best exponent of Mexican boxing. Among his most prominent accolades is the undisputed title, as well as his championships in four different divisions and the record of 57 wins, two draws and a single loss in his time in professional boxing against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

However, the Dynamite He considered that “the history of Mexican boxing is very rich, it has a lot. Can’t you say that the Canelo it may be the best ever when we’ve seen the best. Chávez, for example, those who have faced the best of the best. To those who have not had support in any way, of any kind ”.

Even Roberto Durán’s position on the current situation of the Canelo Álvarez added himself to the considerations that place him as the best of today. “For me there is no one there. Who? Durán is not there, Chávez is not there, Floyd Mayweather is not there. Today, fighting live is Canelo. Who else could it be?”.

Julio Cesar Chavez (Photo: Instagram / @ jcchavez115)
The Panamanian Durán assured that Canelo and Julio Cesar Chávez are the best boxers in history for Mexico (Photo: Instagram / @ jcchavez115)

He even went deeper into his argument and demerited the validity that the image of Julio César Chávez currently has. While he assured that, along with Canelo, is the best boxer in history, pondered the fact that the man from Guadalajara has won more money and titles than the Grand Mexican Champion in the 16 years that he has lasted as a professional boxer.

Canelo vs Makabu

Beyond the predictions and criticism he has received for the number of championship goals that have been raised in a short period of time, Canelo Álvarez has already agreed to his next fight. On this occasion, he will face the world champion of the World Boxing Council (CMB) and will seek to be crowned in the fifth category of his entire career. The meeting would take place in May or June 2022.

Although the deal was finalized orally before the WBC, its president Mauricio Sulaimán warned Canelo about the risk involved in going up two categories and facing a boxer who could well break into the heavyweight category. However, the Mexican said he was willing to face the challenge although he is aware of the danger.

“There is a lot of risk. Imagine, a kilo is a lot in boxing. Now gaining 15 kilos is a major challenge. It’s definitely a major challenge for my career, but we’ll see how the fight unfolds that day.“, he claimed.


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