Maoh presents “Pegadito” with a catchy urban sound

  • Maoh invites us to live in the moment with his new single “Pegadito”

The actress and singer-songwriter Maoh Herrera presents Pegadito, a track with strong influences from urban music.

Born in Durango, she grew up in a traditional musical environment and she decides to expand and begins to look for sounds that help her identify with the world, she begins to compose in a lyrical and self-taught way, and having only her voice and guitar as tools, she is there where his affinity with pop music and the urban genre is born, being a perfect combination of sounds, rhythms, and styles, thus creating his own sound personality.

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Maoh presented “Pegadito” on May 4, a song co-authored with Danni Moreno, who at the same time is his head producer.

Pegadito tells us about those occasions when we are about to start meeting a special person and we don’t want to take things for granted, but just flow with the moment and go slowly, but without letting fear ruin a night out, drinks and a bit of flirting, with a very marked sensuality in the lyrics, Pegadito invites us to enjoy the company and create new moments that will last.