Mar de Regil debuts as a designer at New York Fashion Week after sparking controversy with her paintings

Mar de Regil posted a photo of her wearing one of her designs, in metallic pink and with net designs.


Regil Seathe controversial daughter of Bárbara de Regil, has not ceased to be a topic of conversation on social networks: from the controversial photos where she is seen joining his tongue with his mother’s Until the sale of her paintings that generated criticism, the influencer continues to give something to talk about.

The latest Mar de Regil scandal had to do precisely with the opening of his art gallery, where He sold his paintings for thousands of pesos; However, Mar’s paintings did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who criticized the designs so harshly that even Bárbara de Regil came out in defense of her daughter.

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Now, the young influencer decided to share through her social networks a new facet of her life, that of a fashion designer, after publishing that she designed costumes for New York Fashion Week… however, this news only generated more criticism.


Mar de Regil announced, with great fanfare, that hhad participated in the creation of three costume designs for New York Fashion Week with the following message, accompanied by a video showing the garments:

“Finally I can tell you. I designed 3 costumes for Fashion Week New York. Mar baby would be very proud of me: one for me, my mom and the model who was on the catwalk. I love you and I am the happiest, one more dream and let’s go up. You can always do more and more, don’t forget to always follow your dreams,” the influencer posted on Instagram.

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In the recording, Mar de Regil takes time to show off each of the three costumes, in whose designs neck details, mesh textures and metallic colors predominated, the aspect that attracts the most attention in clothing.


The publication did not go unnoticed by the more than three million followers that Mar de Regil has on Instagram, and while several supported her in her dream, others attacked her with criticism with comments such as: “Habemus nepo baby, no habemus talent”, “Well, they are better than the paintings”, “There is support, there is a lack talent”, “But did she design it or did she also plagiarize it?”