Marc Anthony makes his Mexican audience sing and dance salsa

A night of dedication and a lot of energywas the one that the singer of Puerto Rican origin lived Marc Anthony, whowho throughout the two hours of his presentation at the Sport’s palaceHe was visibly excited. for the response of the public, who never stopped applauding him.

Yesterday’s concert is part of Living Tour, a tour with which the performer is touring Latin America and as expectedit was Mexico’s turn to enjoy this show.

It was 9:30 p.m. when the lights went out and the 12-piece orchestra welcomed to the 17 thousand souls gathered therewith a very danceable introduction and that was heating up the atmosphere. When people heard the music they got up from their places. waiting for his idol to arrive on stage, which happened a few seconds later.

Rigorous black dress and with its characteristics dark glasses, Marc Anthony stood at the top of the stairs who dominated the stage, and calmly observed the commotion that his presence causedso he immediately performed “Pa’lla voy.”

“Where are my people?” were the first words that the singer addressed to the audience in the middle of the song and as expected provoked screams and applause.

This concert was not only for Marc Anthony, but also for his fans, who sang with him each of the songs from the set list, such as “It was worth it”, “And there was someone”, “Until yesterday”, to name a few.

“How delicious, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to share this night with you, Let’s sing a little of everything, of the new, of the old”, – he suddenly paused and with his eyes he looked around the entire room and said – I’m capturing the moment, I feel at home, long live Mexico! Immediately the singer pointed out that the song that followed It was their favorite and if they knew it they would sing it, it was “Flor álida.”

After this he dedicated a moment to romantic songs as “Hold me very tight”, “Pillow”, “And what is he like?” After this moment of nostalgia, her ex-husband Jennifer Lopez the concert continued with one of his greatest hits, “What the price of heaven.”

“We would not have been here without the inspiration of this brother, who gave his life to this job, I sing this song in the name of my beloved Mexico and from my dear Juan Gabriel”, expressed before singing Until I met you.

“How incredible it feels.” – while watching the audience reaction who doesn’t stop singing – did you have a good time?” was his question to the public before perform “I know you well,” with which he tried to say goodbye to the audience, while walking from one side to the other blowing kisses, but as expected people asked for more.

With the lights of thousands of cell phones and knocking with his feet the steps of the Palacio de los Deportes made him return to the scene. “Your love does me good,” was the theme with which the party resumed and even a stuffed heart he picked up from the floor.

“Can you turn on your phones to see them?” said Marc Anthony. and immediately people did what he asked of them, illuminating the entire venue. At the end of this song the singer He asked the people if they wanted more, and upon receiving an affirmative response, gave way to “Live my life”, in which the actor also remained silent from time to time, to listen to the monumental choir that accompanied him singingeither, until he finally said goodbye and disappeared from the stage.