Marco Antonio Regil talks about the Televisa catalog

It is not a secret at all that among the corridors of Televisa, there are many “little devils” and “little devils” loose, because Marco Antonio Regil assures that he received an improper proposal.

It is not a secret at all that among the corridors of Televisa, there are many “little devils” and “little devils” loose and this was confirmed once again by Marco Antonio Regil, and it is that for a long time the rumor arose that on the television There is a catalog of San Ángel, with celebrities who are willing to accept an affair for money or a position.

On this occasion it was Marco Antonio Regil, who achieved success on Televisa leading projects such as “Atínale al precio” and “100 mexicanos dicien”, was questioned on the subject, for which he revealed that he did receive an improper proposal.

And it is that to enter into context, a few days ago, the driver was on the YouTube channel “Envinadas” next to Daniela Luján, Jessica Segura and Mariana Botas, and there he denied the existence of the alleged gargolado: “I did not see such a thing , from the catalog I did not hear anything ».

During his participation, the communicator pointed out that it was a makeup artist, who asked him and some colleagues what the price would be for their time:

«In Televisa there was a well-known makeup artist there, who did makeup for various programs and that one did come but what it did is that he did me and the models of the program and other people that I saw there, as if he offered them nothing that there was someone very powerful or powerful who wanted you and that you say how much, “said the influencer also.

He also pointed out that they were insistent for him to accept the proposal, since they offered him, in addition to money, a position.

“It was not a general practice, those are lies. Most of the people I worked with at Televisa, 99% are super decent, chambeadora people who were doing what they had to do, “she added.

Although he did not rule out that “there was one percent of the devils, little devils and little devils who are the best known and are the ones who appear in scandals. But you also have to say percentages, right?».