Marco Antonio Solís shocked his fans with these curious recommendations for 2024

Marco Antonio Solís has gained unexpected popularity as a motivational “coach.”


Marco Antonio Solís caused a sensation among his followers with the life advice he published for 2024, which generated all kinds of comments where he was even nicknamed the “Buki Guru.”

The success of Marco Antonio Solis In music, several years ago, one more barrier was transcended because the singer and composer was able to quickly connect with new technologies; That is why, today, It has millions of followers on all its social networks who adore him for his charisma and his posts, full of life advice.

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It is not strange that more than one person relates the “Buki” with Jesus Christ ddue to her long hair his posts full of spirituality which can be seen, above all, on his official X account (formerly Twitter), a social network where Marco Antonio gives free rein to his passion for writing.

There is no better way to start 2024 than with these tips full of wisdom that Marco Antonio Solís shared with his fans! They even nicknamed him “Buki Guru” due to the content of his most recent posts.


Marco Antonio Solís has 1.9 million followers on his X account, who every day read the motivational phrases that the singer has for them, and for this January 1, the “Buki” prepared them A special gift:

Is about eight tips so that your fans “don’t get hurt” in 2024. The post, so far, has more than 16 thousand likes and five thousand retweets from people who felt more than identified with the post.

The “Buki” recommended, to start this New Year on the right foot:

1-. A colleague, not a friend.

2-. Exes belong to the past.

3-. Don’t insist on someone who doesn’t make an effort to see you, it applies to couples, friends and family.

4-. Prioritize your self-love.

5-. Eliminate haters from your life.

6-. Don’t give others the power to judge your life.

7-. What other people think is their problem, not your own opinion.

8-. You get a check for what they say? Not true. Then you shouldn’t care.

The post of Marco Antonio Solis quickly filled with all kinds of reactions and comments from Internet userswho praised the musician’s “wisdom” with incredible praise:

“Master, I’ll borrow it, I already liked it”, “Very good advice, Thank you”, “What good advice, especially #1″ and “Always great! Nobody can surpass Marco Antonio Solís in music and wisdom” are some of the comments left by the followers of Marco Antonio Solís.