‘María la del barrio’ and a curious anecdote about the filming of the ‘damn crippled’ scene

“Soraya Montenegro” is one of the most popular villains on Mexican television.


“What are you doing kissing the cripple”? This phrase of “Soraya Montenegro”, the unforgettable villain of the telenovela “María la del barrio” has already become a classic on Mexican television. Itatí Cantoral, who was the actress who put herself in the shoes of the hated and beloved antagonist, managed to achieve fame thanks to her interpretation.

The iconic “scene of the cripple” transcended and now, from being part of a successful soap opera from the 90’s, it has become part of popular Mexican culture and, of course, finexhaustible source of memes in the age of social networks, so the figure of “Soraya Montenegro” has reached the new generations naturally.

However, almost 30 years after the premiere of “Maria from the neighborhood”, curious anecdotes related to the filming of this soap opera that continues to conquer the public continue to come to light; and of course, I could not miss a curiosity related to the “scene of the cripple” and Itatí Cantoral, do you want to know her?


The scene of thedamn cripple” has gone around the world thanks to social networks and memes; however, There is a very curious story by Itatí Cantoral about the behind the scenes of this recording.

“No, man, what am I going to prepare, it came from my mom having kicked me out”

It was in an interview with “El Escorpión Dorado” that Itatí Cantoral revealed some details about the recordings of the “cursed cripple” and, contrary to what many think, his interpretation came naturally to him, since he had not rehearsed that day:

“No, man, what am I going to prepare, I came from that my mom had kicked me out because at two in the morning I had to get home”, recounted the actress to the program, causing a furor among the fans of “María la del barrio”.

According to the interpreter of “Soraya Montenegro”, the day before he had been celebrating with Fabiola Campomanes and he arrived home late, which unleashed the fury of her mother, who punished her. back then, Itatí Cantoral was 21 years old and had to go to the studio at seven in the morning to record.


In the interview, Itatí Cantoral accepted that It still amazes him that the “damn cripple” scene has become so famous because he had not rehearsed it, while he assured that he was very fond of his character of “Soraya Montenegro” since it opened many doors for him in the world of acting, and how about the memes?

“I loved my memes, they made me laugh a lot”, He did not hesitate to declare Itatí Cantoral, who was not at all upset with the funny images and videos that have circulated of the “damn cripple”, the most remembered scene of “Maria from the neighborhood”.