‘María la del Barrio’ and DC Comics, closer than ever thanks to this unexpected cameo

“María la del Barrio” is one of the most popular Mexican telenovelas and her fame jumped to “Blue Beetle”.


Maria from the neighborhood” left an important legacy that continues to this day not only in Mexico, but around the world, even reaching European countries thanks in part to “Soraya Montenegro”, one of the best villains Mexican television has ever had. It is not surprising that the most recent DC Comics movie has affectionately winked at this 90s production, have you already identified them?

“Blue Beetle” was released in theaters just this August 17, but the fans took longer to enter the rooms than to identify a detail that immediately became a trend on social networks: “María la del Barrio” makes a curious act of presence that confirms that Not even DC Comics has been able to resist the charms of Thalía and her friends, “Pulgoso” and “male”.

If you already went to the movies to see “Blue Beetle”, who by the way is recognized for being the first Latino superhero when played by Xolo Marideuña, Perhaps you have already noticed the curious cameo of “María la del Barrio” in the filmbut if you didn’t notice it or you’re just curious to know what it is about, here are some details of this sensational appearance, beware of spoilers!


The first of the appearances or winks of “María la del barrio” is very fast because it derives from a conversation where “Milagros”, sister of “Jaime Reyes” (“Blue Beetle”), compares the romance between his brother and “Jennifer Kord” with the plot of the soap operawhich as is known, is quite similar.

In another part of “Blue Beetle”, the soap opera Mexican strikes again: this time, we see a small piece of the popular intro of “María la del barrio” through the television of “Javier’s” grandmother, which surely generated more than a surprise reaction in movie theaters.

The first reviews of “Blue Beetle” do not hesitate to classify this new DC Comics story like a real love letter to latinosWell, “María la del barrio” is not the only wink that appears, were you able to identify the others? There are references to “El Chapulín Colorado” that will surely fill you with nostalgia!