‘María la del barrio’: Fernando Colunga delighted ‘Soraya Montenegro’ in a thong

With the return of ‘María la del barrio’ to Las Estrellas, we remember some iconic moments that perhaps some never saw and others vaguely remember, like Fernando Colunga’s great body.

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist played a spoiled young man disappointed in women after his fiancée dumped him, and in the midst of his spite, he had ‘Soraya Montenegro’ (Itatí Cantoral) surrendered at his feet, a distant niece from his mom.

In those first scenes that were broadcast in 1995, Fernando Colunga showed off his great body in a tiny bathing suit. He went into the pool of the De la Vega Family mansion to delight ‘Soraya’.

In fact, ‘Soraya’ even used witchcraft from her Nana Calixta so that ‘Luis Fernando’ was hers. Perhaps to delight her pupil…

‘Luis Fernando’ takes advantage of his gallantry to win over ‘María la del barrio’ even though he is not even interested in her, and incidentally, even delights ‘Carlota’, the domestic worker who cannot hide her liking for the young man.

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