María Rojo gives herself to love after replacing Carmelita in ‘My fortune is loving you’

Due to the hospitalization of Carmen Salinas, soon her family announced that she would not be able to return to the soap opera ‘My fortune is loving you’, so her place as ‘Doña Magos’ was taken by Red mary.

It was on November 25 when the first actress began recordings in Nicandro Díaz’s telenovela, and she already became loved by the production and her fellow actors. Unfortunately, Carmelita Salinas died on December 9, so the production dismissed her with a mass.

Michelle Gonzalez shared a reflection on María Rojo, and the emotion that sharing the scene with the leading actress gives her.

Each project brings me many satisfactions and gifts that I keep with me forever, for me one of the most gratifying things is sharing the set with actors that I admire and with whom I decide to work one day. Maria Rojo, you are one of them! I admire you, I respect you and it is an honor to share being with you!

Nothing is a casuality! A few weeks before Maria joined, a person spoke to me on the phone and said: “What do you think? I saw Maria Rojo, we talked about you and she told me that she liked work a lot “
Do you know what I felt? Chest emotion at 1000- cut to: I’m filming scenes with her and on our second day of calling she tells me “Mich, let’s do theater together!”
The universe is magical and God is very noble!

My Carmelita, I know that from heaven you smile and it fills you with joy that Maria gives life to Doña Magos, with all the love and respect, this is for you!

@nicandrodiazof @antonioarvizuv I still can’t thank you for giving me this opportunity! Working with first actors with Carmelita Salinas, Maria Rojo, Luis Felipe Tovar, is priceless!

I am enjoying this project and this process! Because that’s what life is about, enjoying the path to your dreams and your goals, all the satisfactions and learning in the falls!

Interpreting “villains” is something that I enjoy a lot, there is so much juice and so much acting! And knowing that they are detesting Olga, is my purpose of this project! In each story it is necessary to talk about strong themes and these characters must exist, because with them we show a reality and we can create awareness about certain themes! So I have nothing left to thank

The production of the soap opera shared: “Working with our beloved Carmelita has always been an honor, we will never forget her career, her talent, her professionalism and above all, her immense love. Her departure hurts us enormously, but we hope that this, her latest project, is a tribute to him. spectacular talent that she showed us every day. “

A few days ago, the production gave the last goodbye to Carmelita Salinas with a mass, where her family attended with the ashes of the actress.