María Rojo returned to Televisa and is already recording ‘My fortune is loving you’ instead of Carmen Salinas

TO Red mary He had to make a clean slate now that he returns to Televisa after leaving the company six years ago to attend his political career, just when he was recording the telenovela Hasta el fin del mundo. The 78-year-old artist takes the place of Carmen Salinas placeholder image on My fortune is to love you, production of Nicandro Diaz who suffered a loss after the first actress saw her health compromised with a stroke that keeps her in a natural coma.


“I take on the job under these circumstances and I feel very grateful to Nicandro that he spoke to me in the midst of such a delicate moment … Carmen Salinas is a colleague with whom I have been close in the most important part of our profession, we share the scene in the movie Danzón, and in the theater with Each person her life, that is why I have a lot of memories that hurt, but we are all going to hope that she fights for her life, which is what counts right now, and move forward because we love her a lot, it has an audience that is waiting for good news ”, Rojo told us during his first day of recording at a location south of CDMX.

The new interpreter of Doña Magos in the telenovela with the most audience of this season assures that “it is time to pay for mistakes and to thank the people who extend their hand to us again.” For her this new opportunity is very important, because she feels a great gratitude for the San Ángel television station: “I want to say that Televisa is my home, because I started there at the age of seven in the National Lottery, and I owe my education of my son, who is now a sound engineer graduated in Spain, because I paid for all of that with the money I earned working since I was a child ”.

Recognized for her impeccable career in Mexican cinema, theater, series and soap operas, the former senator and deputy thought that she would never again be called to play a role in the melodramas of the Dream Factory. “I assumed that I would not return to Televisa for different reasons; In the first place, because of my own recognized mistakes, and this time I am not going to fail Nicandro, I am not going to fail Carmen, because deep down we are companions, we live very important moments … I was close to her with the Pedro Plascencia’s death, and I encouraged her to return to work, I introduced her to María Novaro for the film Danzón ”.