María Rojo will replace Carmen Salinas in the telenovela “My fortune is loving you”

Red mary will be the actress who will replace Carmen Salinas placeholder image in the soap opera “My fortune is to love you”, Where he played the character of Margarita Domínguez Negrete “Magi”.

Yesterday afternoon, the Salinas family reported through a statement that the actress would not be able to resume her professional activities in the short term “in the event that she regained consciousness”, according to the instructions given by the doctors.

The news of the replacement Carmen Salinas placeholder image made it known Televisa through a statement, where it is read that Nicandro Díaz, producer of “My fortune is loving you”, hopes “for the speedy recovery of Mrs. Carmen Salinas and is keeping an eye on her evolution and close to the actress’s family”.

In the same document released by the television station, it is explained that due to the instructions indicated by the medical team, the decision was made to replace it.

Last Wednesday, Díaz had told a newspaper with national circulation that for Respect for Salinas, he hadn’t thought of a replacement or what to do in the future with his role in the soap opera.

“That I already have a plan B, I don’t have it, because I’m going to wait as long as possible for Carmelite, but if things continue like this it will have to be done, but everything in due time and what can be expected, I am going to do it “, declared the product at the time.

At the moment the actress is on assisted respiration, according to the latest reports there has been no change in her health, which remains critical but stable.