María Victoria suffered a fall and Biby Gaytán prepares to recreate one of her characters

The first actress María Victoria suffered a fall from which she is already recovering, and even so, she attended to prepare her participation in the Mañanitas to the Virgin of Guadalupe, as she has done for decades.

“I’m fine, thank God. Falls (did not happen to adults) ”, he said to ‘The sun rises’.

“No matter what, I come to see her (the Virgin of Guadalupe)… About 60 years now (singing to the Virgin). I was rehearsing, “María Victoria, who is reported stable and recovering after the fall she suffered, told the cameras.

One of the unforgettable characters of María Victoria is that of ‘Inocencia’, in the series ‘The well-raised maid’ that triumphed on Televisa during the 70s.

Juan Osorio prepares a new version, with Biby Gaytan as the protagonist. In a talk with the press, the producer said: “Biby is almost inside, we are going to do ‘La Criada’ which is now called ‘Slowly, very slowly’ “.

“She is going to be the protagonist and I am delighted to have worked with her the pilot, to have done a great chemistry with her husband, he is a very intelligent man who takes great care of her and who participates, so it will be a very beautiful project”, said about Eduardo Capetillo.

“I’m going to talk about what I sat down to talk to him. He read the script, listened to the proposal, was in the recordings, supported me all the time, guided Biby, I have a great ally with Mr. Capetillo. Me too. I take care of my wife, “he defended about Capetillo’s attention to Biby Gaytán.