Mariana ‘Barby’ Juárez, in danger for so many blows received in the box

‘Barby’ Juárez, the only remaining representative of Team Cielo in LCDLFM.

Edson Vazquez.

Mariana ‘Barby’ Juárez may be the only member of Team Cielo to reach the grand final of LCDLFM.

Mariana ‘Barby’ Juarez has stood out in the boxing world, where it is recognized and respected; however, after her admission to The house of the famous Mexico He has given something to talk about because of his way of expressing himself, to the point of going viral on social networks.

Since his arrival in LCDLFMhis colleagues have pointed out the way in which the ‘Barby’ Juárez he usually expresses himself, because it is not only his bad diction, but he also usually leaves unfinished topics.


In TV and novels we undertook the task of looking for specialists, who assured that the situation of the ‘Barbie’ It could be a condition resulting from the blows received as a boxer.

became the focus of attention

The boxer has been the subject of a series of memes due to her way of speaking, as some users have collected clips where she speaks and what she says is not understood; However, beyond the teasing, netizens wonder why she has a hard time finishing her sentences.

The last:

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Mariana ‘Barby’ Juárez, in danger for so many blows received in the box


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“In the long term you could suffer from Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis”

The specialist in neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery and spine, and sports neurotrauma at Hospital Ángeles Metropolitano, Louis V. Cariusclarifies what are the repercussions that boxers have when receiving constant blows to the head.

What are the repercussions at the neural level caused by blows to the head?

There is a disease called dementia pugilística, also known as boxer’s dementia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy or boxer’s traumatic encephalopathy, and it refers to a situation in which the boxer ends up drunk from so many blows, and a concussion or injury is caused. concussion.

What consequences can a boxer have?

There are boxers who suffer various concussions; It has been proven that because you use protective equipment (helmet, teething ring) there is less risk of having this type of dementia, what it does prevent are facial fractures, but in terms of the brain, protection does not remove the risk factor, and When they have a lot of bruises, they become slow or violent, they can even appear depressed, anxious, with paranoid ideas, personality problems or they cannot control their emotions.

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Can long-term damage be avoided?

The degree of dementia that she can present, if she really has it, will depend on the number of knockouts she has presented throughout her career; encephalopathy occurs when you do not let it recover from the concussion, around 10 days the brain is already normalized, but if an athlete trains before that time, before the symptoms disappear, the risk of having neuronal damage is great older, in the long term you could suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and degenerative diseases.

“Instead of mocking, they should have empathy and respect her a little more”

Diana Sosa, a sports psychologist who graduated from the National Coaches College and collaborates with the team at the World Boxing Association, works with amateur and professional boxers, and tells us what are the consequences that Mariana Juárez can have after a long career in boxing , not only above the ring, but also during training.

Much has been said about the way of talking about ‘Barby’ Juárez in The House of Celebrities, how much does your boxing career have to do with this situation?

In boxing, 90% of the blows go to the head and the brain is not designed to take blows; The cerebral cortex is designed to think, to execute, then, in a combat sport like boxing, and if she has already been practicing for more than 20 years, of course it will have a consequence. It doesn’t happen to all boxers, but for some these consequences are very marked. More than mocking, what people should do is understand that these athletes are very strong and that boxing is a high-risk sport.

What can be the consequences of the constant blows received?

The blows they receive usually go to the frontal lobe, which has to do with reasoning, movement, language and attention; They also occur in the temporal lobe, which are the hooks near the ear, here they affect hearing, memory and learning, so a single blow to a person who does not practice boxing can have serious consequences; There are boxers who have been practicing this sport since they were children, and even the periodicity will also determine the degree of sequelae that may occur.


What other causes can cause this type of suffering?

In a boxing gym there are very hard bags that the fighter uses to exercise strength. The brain is inside a little box called the cerebral cortex, and inside is the cerebrospinal fluid; when you hit the sack with your fist you will have an impact, and the brain also moves and hits inside the box, it is as if it were dancing, and obviously this can have consequences, either for a moment or for a long time.

What emotional impact can this type of teasing have on her when she comes out?

It must be recognized that she is a woman who has given a lot to women’s boxing, who has even made many women turn to see and admire the sport, and people, instead of mocking, should have empathy and respect her a little more, because her work was great. In sport, boxers are always going to have consequences and injuries, and the head is something very delicate.