Mariana ‘Barby’ Juárez tells Wendy Guevara that she sees her in the final and will win LCDLFM for these reasons

‘Barby’ Juárez believes that Wendy Guevara will win the reality show.

‘Barby’ Juárez is the only representative of Team Cielo that could reach the final.

There are only six inhabitants left to seek to reach the grand finale of LCDLFM this coming August 13.

After the Elimination of Jorge Losa and after knowing that Nicola Porcella won the golden ticket To reach the grand finale of the reality show with a direct pass, the countdown has begun to find out who will be the inhabitants who will arrive on the long-awaited Sunday, August 13 to be the absolute winner of the 4 million pesos.

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During a conversation he had Mariana ‘Barby’ Juarez with Wendy Guevarathe boxer told the members of The losses which sees her reach the final and win the first season of The House of the Famous Mexico.

“Many think that I am, but I am aware that I am not going to take the prize, but it is cool to reach the final. I feel that Poncho is going to win… one of them (…)”.

The ‘Barby’ Juarezsole representative of Team Sky that she could reach the final, she did not take her finger off the line and told Wendy that she has everything to beat her classmates Team Hell.

“Jorge (Lola) and I are sure that you are going to invite us to eat if you take him with you. I think you deserve it, the one who is making content is you, you give that flavor (to the house) ”.